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02.05.2022 Knight of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Knights are questers, seekers and searchers. The elemental energy for both the Knights and Swords is Air. Knights are extreme and fast, they quest and rescue. They bring about positive change and opportunities. Through their drive to succeed they make anything possible. The Knight of Swords brings us clarity to assist us to move forward. We would be wise however not to blindly rush into things that we are not capable of mastering. Know ourselves and our limitations. Know also the impact on others in anything we find ourselves participating in. Today we may find we are ready to surmount any obstacles that are blocking our path. Card of a quest for higher knowledge. Due to their individuality and drive I will link this Knight to the zodiac sign of Aquarius and its planetary ruler Uranus. The planet Uranus is of awakening and liberation, of individualism and innovation while Aquarius shares with us eccentricity, envisioning, humanitarianism, inventiveness, progressiveness and unconventionality. Uranus is transiting Taurus while the Sun is currently making its way through the sign, shinning a light on all things Uranian. Today the planet of love Venus enters Aries. Venus is ruler to both Taurus and air sign Libra. In Aries we may find some direct and daring energy coming from that area also. Be open and honest today and remember to have some fun along the way.

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