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02.03.2020 – Two of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Today finds us juggling again. Some old habits are hard to break. Another card appearing between two major arcana energies, i.e. the two of pentacles and today being the second of March! We are still in the pentacles flow of practical things and value matters with today’s twos trying hard to get your attention about balance, duality and relationships.

What is calling to you today to make a decision one way or another, to weigh up the pros and cons? If you have been following the recent day’s cards and previous readings of this card you will see or feel the call for you to step out of the indecision and simply be. This is not to live life in poverty or in lack but to allow the sweet flow of life to come to you easily. Using your energies and time to do something more productive, like studying.

The card is about understanding how blessed the monkey is as it amuses itself with a bauble swinging from a piece of red ribbon and its joy as the butterfly drops by for an exchange of information. Something coming to the monkey which came through no effort, simply allowing, simply being. If your energy is of disbelief that life can be so, then that negative energy will push away this positive way that is possible to be.

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