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02.02.2021 VIII Strength

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: Once known as the ‘Mastery of Thoughts’ card, today, and in keeping with the recent flow of guidance and energy we are being given the strength we need through knowing we have this strength available within us. The number eight is about positive change, movement, power and progress. All this is within our personal capabilities to embrace. To stop looking outside of ourselves for recognition and find the wealth of what we hold within ourselves. We all live a very unique and wonderful life that creates the people that we are. Do not give your power to anyone else, they are not you; they have their own path to follow. We find that those who shy away from knowing themselves often want to assist others, usually in a well meaning way but, that does not let them come to really know themselves. When we do, then we have as much strength as we need to share what we know with others rather than trying to get them to do what we think is right for them, only they know that. Stand in your own power for you today.

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