• Patricia Jean Fleming

01.11.2020 – King of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: Last card for this week and, ooh, just noticed the date 111 and 22 = 3 and 4 – moving on energy plus 7 = seeker, truth and wisdom, plus assessment, evaluation and reflection. Staying with yesterday’s Taurean energy of comfort, creativity and security so plenty for us to be working on don’t you think? Not to mention the earth energy from the Pentacles (grounding) and the fire of the King.

The card represents a time to go in search of what makes us happy. It is the card of trust. Can we trust ourselves to be open to change and embrace a better future?

Do we know what makes us happy or have we been busy looking after everyone else that our needs and wants have always taken second place? Today we are being asked to do this for us. Put us first then see the difference in us that benefits others even more than we have before. Do you know the saying 'Fortune favours the brave!’ It is always our choice but we are being guided to take a leap of faith today or in the near future and trust that the Universe will have our back.

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