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01.07.2020 – Four of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Today we receive ‘the divine nudge card’. Fours have the energy of stability, stagnation and structure. What have we spent too long thinking about or planning to the extent that we are dragging our feet instead of moving it forward? Moon in Cancer influence today so an ‘at home’ feeling as Cancer is the sign the Moon rules. I’m feeling an exactness as in things falling into place. Was it just Monday’s card we had ‘pennies dropping’ and yesterdays a new day dawning! Now is a time of taking action and listening to your intuition. The Numerologist 2020 Cosmic Calendar tells us that today: ‘SATURN (RX=Retrograde) ENTERS CAPRICORN Re-entering his home sign, Saturn makes his mark on the first day of July, backtracking into Capricorn. This will likely be felt like the heavy hand of responsibility and expectation bearing down (sorry… we did warn you July’s a doozy!)’ Do not panic, instead harness the energy and get it to work for you. We have been given ‘the nudge’ our choice if we embrace it or not.

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