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01.03.2022 Eight of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: Today’s card is perfectly on time. We are being asked to visualise our desires and dreams as the seeds that we want to plant with tomorrow's new moon. Do we easily know them or is it something we need some time to think about? Some say ‘be careful what you wish for’ because it may just come true. But, guess what, if it arrives and we no longer want it then we can just say no thank you! Never allow anyone to make you feel that someone else is in command of us. We are all equally born with free will, we just need to learn how to engage with it and that comes from finding the power of self love that we all have within us. It may be hidden but it is in there and it is in everyone. Our card today is about taking action to bring about positive change. [That may well be within us rather than outside – the phrase ‘let he without sin cast the first stone’ comes to mind!]. Be open to the flow of life and open up to new opportunities, ‘out of the blue’ situations, maybe even travel. This card is sometimes known s the Lord of Swiftness but coming up so near the new moon then we want to give things the time to seed and grow before we can tend to the young shoots. A card of alignment – we will know when things are right for us [not in thinking they are]. Card of allowing happiness and joy into our lives no matter what is happening around us, let us keep our energies high and in a good place. We say our gratitudes and allow positive thinking to lift us. Card of the planet Mercury, communication and perception in the zodiac sign of the adventurous Sagittarius. Currently though Mercury is moving through Aquarius helping us to think ‘out of the box’ and embrace our individualism.

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