• Patricia Jean Fleming

01.03.2019 – Ten of Wands

Friday fantasies

What is the difference between a fantasy and a dream?

The Imagining of impossible or improbable things against desires and wishes eg castles in the sky!

Are they the same? For me, in the past, I have used the word fantasy as an improbable dream but in reality I have learned that anything is possible.

Just when you least expect it something can make its way into your reality that you may never even have dreamed possible.

How we react to these situations, as in the theme of this week’s messages, is that we have the free will to take that path or not; the choice is always ours.

Have you denied yourself the big dreams not wanting the disappointment of the non-appearance of them?

Thoughts like that were common in my life – now I dare to dream and dream big. My dreams of castles in the sky come from a deep rooted belief and a strong trunk to spread the weight of lofty ideas.

How about you, are you ready to embrace a different kind of reality and dream big?

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