Frequently asked questions

Your Eyes:

We believe your eyes are key to your life. Your vision really is your most precious sense.

Good vision is essential for driving and keeping you independent.

Good vision is essential for most lines of work and keeping you earning a living.

It has a huge part to play in helping you enjoy your pastimes, do sports, use computers and mobile phones, just about everything!

And the way the eyes work together can have an impact in how well a child can concentrate and perform at school.

With all of this in mind our eyecare is tailored specifically to you and what you do in your day. This requires time, expertise, care, and a passion for eyes, to help you achieve the best out of them.

Your Glasses:

It’s more than just eyecare though.

We connect with people through eye contact. Whether it’s gauging first impressions, looking in to the eyes of your loved ones, or reading people’s emotions, the eyes give clues to your mood and personality. Your spectacles frame your eyes, and so say a lot about you. Whether you like to stand out, blend in, follow fashion, have a penchant for colour, prefer minimalism, or need to make fantastic first impressions, your spectacles help get this message across.

At Hollands we not only want to find you a pair of spectacles that are comfortable, functional, and suit your face, we want to find you a pair that let your personality shine through.

With this in mind our eyewear is of a quality not readily found in the area.

Yes, of course we stock the functional ‘get the job done’ pair for those of you that need a pair for occasional use or an emergency pair. But the reality is that we are happiest when we get to spend the time with you to help you find glasses that you really love!

Again, this requires time, expertise, care and a passion for your eyes.


When we decided how we wanted to look after our patients we unanimously decided that we did not want to be a ‘bang them through, pile them high’ type of business. We think our patients and their long term eyecare deserve far more than this. We are Holland Opticians, and time, expertise, care, and a passion for eyes is our thing.